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Pura was born out of a vision to fulfill our “One Life… One Bottle™” mantra.


In short, we are driven by our mission to bring the safest, most adaptable, and most eco-progressive products to our loyal customers around the world.


While we are humbled to admit that our products have won more awards than any other bottle of its kind (see below), our motivation to innovate and continually improve our products is stronger than ever.

plastic free bottles for life
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Plastic free infant bottles

We often get asked by retailers and our customers “how did Pura start life?”


Our beginnings were humble and similar to that of many entrepreneurs in the parenting market.  Our husband and wife founders could not find a bottle that they felt was safe enough for their own children.


Simply put every bottle on the market contained plastic in some form… the bottle collars and lids, sip spouts, sport tops, nipple covers, handles, etc.  Sure, other baby bottle companies tout various formulations of plastic that are supposedly toxin-free, but we wondered what other health issues might emerge over time as a result of the plastic bottles.


The only solution for us was to create a bottle that was 100% plastic-free… and after years of hard work, we DID IT!


If you want a truly plastic-free bottle, you have come to the right place!


As parents ourselves, we also felt we were spending too much money replacing bottles with sippy cups, and then straw bottles, then sport bottles and adult bottles as our kids grew older.  Why couldn’t we challenge this “norm” and create something that grows as baby grows into a toddler, young child and into the years beyond?  Not only is this expensive but also is environmentally irresponsible.


And so we set our designers to work, which is where we coined the phrase “from infants to grandfathers™“ as a design principle in our quest to provide the best baby, children and adult drinks bottles in the world.


Not only are we the most environmentally friendly cost effective baby and drinks bottle on the market, we also give our customers the flexibility to “build their bottle” on the go based on the activity they have planned for the day.  Every Pura drinks bottle works with every lid… our smallest bottle can be used with the Big Mouth™ sport top, and our large insulated bottle can be used with a baby teat if desired.   No more clogging up the kitchen cupboards with so many bottles and cups that they fall out when you open them!  And for the environment this means fewer bottles in landfill


We offer you our heartfelt thanks for validating our vision every day. Pura is not about us… it is about solving problems in a safe and environmentally sensitive way for you.

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